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Click on a season and find out what is happening on the farm at that time of year - in the yard and out in the fields, as well as what is ready to eat in the kitchen.

What makes the food
grown in Cornwall special?

What to see, hear and taste this month.

Info for teachers to help them in the classroom - discussion topics etc.

This website is all about farming in Cornwall and how its unique climate allows farmers to produce the food that arrives on your plate – from delicious ‘Cornish earlies’, those first new potatoes in spring, to luscious summer strawberries, ripened in the sun and warm sea breezes, and creamy Cornish clotted cream - and did we mention our award winning cheeses?

With loads of photos, games, recipes and sound effects, Cornwall's Food and Farming website is an informative and fun way for primary and junior school aged children to get a better understanding of agriculture, Cornwall’s main crops and food production.

As well as information on what is happening down on the farm, in the fields and in the kitchen through the seasons, there is a list of Cornish farms to visit, background stories about iconic Cornish foods and a monthly archive of things to look out for in the countryside.

Please have a wander around the site and if you would like to send some feedback please click here.
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