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Spring is a busy time for sheep farmers in the lambing shed.

A ewe may have more than one lamb at a time. They often have twins.

When a ewe has triplets, one lamb will have to be fed by the farmer from a bottle as the ewe will not have enough milk.

When are lambs usually born?

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In the spring
In the autumn
How many lambs can a ewe feed?

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More than two

Ewe - a mother sheep
Lamb - a young sheep
Triplets - Three lambs born at the same time to one ewe.


A sow may have two litters of piglets each year. She can give birth to 12 or more piglets at one time.

The piglets are very small at birth. They weigh about 1kg but they grow very quickly.

At six weeks, when they are weaned off the sow, they weigh about 12kgs.

A female pig is called?

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A ewe
A sow
A mare
What do you call the piglets she gives birth to at one time?

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A flock
A herd
A litter

To wean - get babies used to food other than their mother's milk.

A day on a dairy farm

5am - The day begins early when the cows come in to be milked. 6.30am - Morning milking. The cows are in the milking parlour. They are usually milked twice a day.
8am - To produce milk, a dairy cow needs plenty of grass or silage to eat and may drink 100 litres of water each day. That's enough to fill a bath tub! 10am - When the cows have gone out to the field, the parlour is thoroughly cleaned and the barn where the cows are housed at night is bedded with fresh straw.
4pm - The herd is back in the yard for milking. The milking machine gently draws the milk from the cow's udder. 10pm - A last check to make sure all is well at the end of a long day. Each cow has her own space where she can rest undisturbed.

How many times a day are cows usually milked?

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Five times
Ten times
What time do the cows come in to be milked in the morning?

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9 o'clock
5 o'clock
11 o'clock


Milking parlour - the building on the farm where the cows are milked.
Udder - the bag-like part of the cow with teats that give milk.
Cow cubicles - spaces for cows to lie down.
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