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Vegetable crops

Cornish farmers grow large crops of potatoes and cauliflowers.

Our winters are mild so farmers can harvest crops earlier in the year than other parts of England. Farmers in the west of Cornwall are the first to harvest new potatoes each year.

Harvesting potatoes

You may see some ploughed fields covered in wide strips of clear plastic at this time of year.

The plastic warms the soil and the young vegetable plants under it are protected from frost.

Which of these vegetables are you most likely to see growing in fields in Cornwall?

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Crops - types of plants grown on a farm.
To harvest - to gather a crop.
Ploughed field - field where the soil has been turned over with a plough before a new crop is planted.

Spring calves in the beef herd

Spring is the time of when days get longer. It also gets warmer so the grass begins to grow. In the wild, animals give birth to their young, and on the farm calves and lambs are born.

This calf is a few minutes old. Click to play button to see small film.

In a beef herd the cows feed and look after their calves for the first 6 months. The calves suckle their mothers' milk and eat grass.

The calves grow quickly. By 6 months old they are nearly as big as their mothers.

Do you know what grass needs to grow well?

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Good soil

Beef cattle - cattle reared for meat.
Suckle - feed on milk from the mother.


Did you know bees help us to grow our food? They play an important part in helping crops like apples to grow.

In spring apple trees come into flower and bees feed on the nectar the flowers produce.

As the bees buzz from flower to flower, they pollinate them so that when the blossom is finished, fruit will begin to grow.

You will often see bee hives in orchards at this time of year.

Why do you think bee keepers put hives in orchards?

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Plenty of nectar
To cut the grass
To pollinate apple trees
To pick the apples

Nectar - sweet liquid that bees collect from flowers and use to make honey.
Pollen - the powder inside flowers than fertilises other flowers.
To pollinate - to carry pollen to a plant in order to fertilize the seeds.
Blossom - another word for the flowers

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