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Planting crops

In early spring seeds are planted for arable crops like wheat, from which we get flour to make bread, barley, which is used to brew beer, and oats, with which we make porridge.

The seeds are planted with a large complicated-looking piece of equipment called a seed drill. It is important that the weather conditions are right and the soil is dry as the seed must be sown evenly across the field and at the right depth in the soil.

Tractor with seed drill

First shoots appear
Field turns green as the new crop emerges


Spring grass

Mild winters mean that grass can grow for most of the year in Cornwall. Grass is very important to Cornish farmers as most of them keep livestock, like cattle and sheep, which are grazing animals. In other words, these animals eat grass to produce milk and meat. A cow can eat 80 kilograms of grass a day.

Tractor and roller

Spreading fertiliser
Fertilizer close up



Spring calving

In the spring, cows may give birth out in the field. Soon after it is born, a calf will struggle to its feet and by instinct find its way to the udder.

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