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What to see in March

The days are getting longer and Spring is arriving, rather slowly this year! This year’s crop of lambs are already out in the fields with their mothers.

It’s turn-out time for young cattle kept in sheds through a long wet winter. They are pleased to be out.

A few days of dry weather and the countryside will be humming with the sound of tractors as farmers get on with field work.

There are potatoes to be planted and wheat crops to be sown.

Grass fields need to be rolled ready for the first cut of silage. Pulling a heavy roller over the fields flattens out any bumps and leaves a smooth surface for the mower when the time comes to cut the grass.

Primroses bring a splash of yellow to the hedgerows. A sure sign of Spring.

Have you ever wondered how the milk you pour on your breakfast cereal gets to you from the farm? To find out click here.

There’s a tasty recipe for breakfast as well.

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