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What to see in August

This spell of dry weather means the cereal harvest started earlier than usual this year and is now well underway. The winter wheat and winter barley (crops planted last autumn) ripened and turned golden yellow in the warm sunshine of the last few weeks and the combine harvesters are getting to work. To read more about the cereal harvest click here.

In the summer you will see plenty of sheep and cattle grazing out in the fields. Up on Bodmin Moor the mares have young foals by their side at this time of year.

In the long daylight hours, you might also catch a glimpse of some of the other animals that live in the countryside.

There are plenty of rabbits about, feeding on grass in the fields, their ears alert for danger.

You might spot a fox, hunting for beetles and worms.

If you are very lucky you might see some wild deer like these red deer hinds (females) with their fawns making their way through a hay meadow.

One of the treats in summer is icecream and in Cornwall we have some delicious locally made icecreams to try. Click here to learn how icecream is made on Callestick Farm, near Truro.
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