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What to see in October

This is the time of year to celebrate the harvest and the food that we grow and eat. All over the world harvest celebrations of some kind are held. Read more here and here.

One field crop still left to harvest is the maize. That’s a job for October. The tall green maize plants in the fields are the same as the sweetcorn we grow in the garden to eat but Cornish farmers grow it as winter feed for dairy cows. Maize can grow to 2.5m tall. A forage harvester cuts and chops the whole plant to make silage. To read more, click here.

Muck from the farmyard sheds is spread on grassland at this time of year. Frost and rain in the winter will break down the straw and manure. Spreading muck is a very smelly job but a good way to improve the soil.

Pumpkins are harvested this month. You can make a delicious soup as well as great Halloween lanterns from them. You might like to try this recipe.

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