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In the west of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly fields of daffodils are ready for picking early in the year, sometimes before Christmas. The mild winter climate allows Cornish growers to harvest the earliest open ground flowers and vegetables in the country. They can be as much as a month ahead of growers in the east of England.

Daffodil flowers
Fields of daffodils
Daffodils are
picked by hand

Fields of daffodils across the hillside

Out-wintering livestock

Most cattle are brought into sheds for the winter months because when the fields are wet the pasture will be damaged by their feet. Sheep may live outside right through the winter until close to lambing time.

Where cattle and sheep are kept out of doors they need additional food in cold weather as the grass stops growing when the temperature falls below 5 degrees centigrade. Bales of silage or hay are carried to them by tractor or quad bike.

Heifers in a
field of kale
Help yourselves!
Kale is a brassica
like cabbage

Cornwall's farmed landscape

Winter reveals the bare bones of the Cornish landscape, the pattern of the fields, hedges, woods and tracks. We tend to forget how much of the landscape we look at now was created by farmers in years gone by.

Hedge trimming
Cornish hedge

Some repair work needed here
A granite stile. The ditch underneath deters livestock from crossing it

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